It’s been a long time coming… but growlers and squealers are finally back in action at Brisbane Brewing Co and Brewhouse Brisbane! We’d like to give all our loyal drinkers a massive thank you for being so patient whilst we worked out a new system! Here’s a run down of how things will be working at both venues.  

Brisbane Brewing Co

As the holders of our excise manufacturer’s license not much had to change for BBCo. We now have a dedicated growler filler, that purges your growler or squealer with CO2 to keep your beer fresh and fizzy for longer. Just bring any standard size glass growler (1.89L) and we’re happy to fill it up on the spot. We’ll be offering fills year-round of BPA and of course Walker Texas Ranger, plus some rotating seasonal brews. Feel free to send us a message via our Facebook page or give us a ring on 3891 1011(2) to check what we’re pouring that week.  

Brewhouse Brisbane

As our pub doesn’t hold a manufacturer’s license we’ll be filling up growlers and squealers at our brewery and bringing them back to the pub to keep cold and ready to go in the fridge. Just bring in an empty (and clean) BBCo & Brewhouse branded growler and we’ll swap it over to a full one for you. Due to the swap system it will just be available to our own branded growlers and squealers, but not to worry they can be bought over the bar for just $15. We’ll also have riggers (1.25L one-use bottles) available to purchase straight up.  

All the containers will be purged with CO2 before filling to ensure that the beer stays carbonated. Initially we’ll be stocking both BPA and Walker Growlers in the fridge, and we’ll do our best to guess and meet demands. To save yourself any disappointment you can always send us a message via our Facebook page or give us a ring on 3891 1011(1) to check we have stock. 


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